Food, Nutrition and Nature:

We empower families with skills in vegetable growing that is organic and permanent, we provide quality vegetable seeds, trees and fruit trees seedlings, farming tools, small scale irrigation support, and farmers’ one on one mentoring.

On our 6 acres of land, we have established a food forestry, a green house, permaculture gardens and an irrigation system that is enabling us to produce organic foods in all seasons throughout the year. This works as our training demonstration Centre to the community and an exposure learning space. This intervention has now been scaled down to schools so that young people can learn how to work with nature while producing the needed nutritious foods.


Hunger, drought is the number one causes of food shortage in developing countries, and it has caused more death in the past 100 years than any other natural disaster. We help families to overcome this problem.

Additionally: Nutrition, according to the – CRC

Vegetable garden ready for harvesting

Additionally: Nutrition, according to the – CRC Article 24 – nutrition is the cornerstone of a child’s cognitive and physical development. Proper nutrition can only be achieved when the family produces its own food and increase incomes and narrow expenditures.


Clean water, Sanitation and hygiene

Construction of a borehole its ongoing

We identify villages that lack access to clean and safe water and then we seek support to help dig a community borehole to solve the problem. We work with the local leaders to locate the space where the borehole will be constructed. Community members provide the manual labour, local materials and feeding the technical workers. After the construction the borehole is handed over to the local authorities. 

The local authorities together with KaGPWDs leads the process to selecting the water user committee who will be responsible for maintenance of the borehole. Near the borehole we create a permaculture garden for the local people learn how to farm on small scale, as we maintain the permaculture garden we keep overseeing the operation of the borehole.


According to the Child Right Convention (CRC Article 24) – Clean water is a foundation of child health, and unsafe water causes diarrhea, it impacts child nutrition. So access to clean water is a fundamental human right. The community boreholes ensure access to clean for people including all children. And also Women providing their families with water is a daily struggle for women and girls in rural villages of Uganda. Community boreholes brings clean water close to the families.


          We operate a small clinic that provide first aid persons with disabilities at a very small cost and the community as well. It is being operated by a qualified enrolled nurse.

 Reproductive health for girls and women

We train girls and women with disabilities on how to make reusable sanitary towels, train them on how to master their menstrual periods, management and hygiene.