We partner with organizations worldwide that contribute towards the promotion of human rights, care for vulnerable people and mind about respecting nature. The tools, resources and support we get from our partners help us transform lives, regenerate communities and creating a sustainable smile to our members with disabilities in Kasese district. Meet our valued partners.

Mr. Tony Van Werkhooven

Tony is our first donor, he gave us money to buy six acres of land for tree planting and more money to buy a plot of land in Mpondwe Lhubiriha Town Council where we have constructed our permanent offices. Our six acres of land we are using it for permaculture and it’s now the only permaculture demonstration Center in Kasese District. And the country it’s the only agriculture center where you will see persons with disabilities growing their own food, practicing permaculture ethics and conserving the environment.

Since 2015, FCDE has been building our capacity in organizational development and management, with their support we have put in place organizational management policies and systems, they have given is four grants, trained two of our staff in the proven poverty alleviation Street Business School Model and we have used the acquired skills in project design to conduct community needs assessment and design projects that meet the need of our community.

FCDE is a unique capacity building international organization that empowers grassroots organization through capacity building on a long term, offers competitive small grants and nonprofit organizations resource with access to internet. FCDE Vision is empowered local organizations that drive sustainable community development. We have been official partners since 2015. Click here to learn more about the work of FCDE.

Charitable giving is at the heart of the Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics as a business. They believe that they have a responsibility to advocate for the environment, animals and people in need, as well as giving back to organizations locally and around the world. KaGPWD became partners through sustainable Lush Fund in 2016 which changed to refund. Learn more from here. https://uk.lush.com/article/big-refund-faq

Street Business School creates transformation for women living in poverty through building confidence, and business skills. KaGPWD became partners with SBS in 2019 through FCDE. 

eu can aid! Was founded on the realization of the imbalance between North and South and of the injustice that this imbalance creates for those affected. Eu can aid funds projects that aim at improving the quality of life of local communities or generate income for the beneficiaries. KaGPWD has been a partner with eu can aid since 2019.

Gered Gereedschap supports craftsmen and women in developing countries with knowledge, skills and resources with a believe that the right tools and machines, high level vocational training and further guidance towards and at work are part of our support give a craftsmen an opportunity to an independent life. They have supported our vocational training with machines and tools. We have been partners since 2019.

     United Religion Initiative (uri) bridges the differences between people of all beliefs, to create community, and to solve local and global challenges. We have been partners with URI since 2018. Click here to learn more about the partnership with URI: https://uri.org/who-we-are/cooperation-circle/karambi-group-people-disabilities-0

The Development Fund support small organizations working with their communities.  The projects they fund always aim to benefit the target community in one or more of the following ways: raised standards in education, raised standards in health and sanitation, increased self-reliance and improved standard of living. KaGPWD become official partners with The Peartree Development Fund at the very end of 2019.

Click here: http://www.peartreedevelopmentfund.org/ to learn more.

International Tree Foundation (ITF) is a charitable company that runs tree planting, forest conservation and tree education programmes in Africa and the UK. ITF supports community-led initiatives that protect, plant and promote trees and forests in order to preserve biodiversity and habitats, reverse deforestation, improve livelihoods and tackle climate change. KaGPWD became partners with the ITF early 2020. Click here: https://internationaltreefoundation.org/ to learn more about ITF.

Mainsprings personifies the hope and joy seen in the eyes of East African children and families who are mastering the life skills necessary to break the cycle of poverty and create a sustainable future for themselves and their community. KaGPWD became partners with the Main Spring early 2020. Click here: http://mainsprings.org/ to learn more about Main Springs.