Since our organization was founded, we have achieved the following;  

We have created a model of inclusion for persons with disabilities by promoting human rights, accessibility to social services for all, economic empowerment, skill development and ensuring availability of food, clean water and increased incomes among persons with disabilities in Karambi Sub County and Mpondwe Lhubiriha Town Council. We do this while respecting nature by involving them in environmental conservation. 

We have rehabilitated over 350 old PWDs, we have also linked over 78 children that have disabilities which can be corrected for specialized treatment. And these children are already in school.

Through our skills training center, we have also economically empowered over 140 youth and women with skills in tailoring, knitting, training children in school to make reusable sanitary pads,  candle making, handcraft, and computer application. Here what we love most is the handcrafted part of it were women make shopping bag to help reduce the use of polythene bags which do not decompose and which are not environmental friendly.

We are very happy with the support from the Sustainable Lush Fund which enabled us to train 75 persons with disabilities in Permaculture. These people are currently applying permaculture skills at their homes, they are now able to produce organic vegetables and their fruit trees are growing well.

Vegetable garden ready to be harvested

In addition to that, the people that we directly trained have passed on the permaculture skills to their neighbors who have also adopted the skills. For example, some of our current high performing farmers were trained by our trainees.  Find individual stories here: 

On our 6 acres of land, we have established food forestry, permaculture plot gardens and an irrigation system that is enabling us to produce organic foods in all seasons throughout the year. We have a greenhouse that produces coffee seedlings, fruit seedlings, and other local environmental friendly seedling trees. The seedlings are supplied to communities on negotiable price. We have two agriculture demonstration centers and we have scaled down permaculture training to primary schools so that young people can learn how to work with nature while producing the needed nutritious foods.

The students we have worked with in permaculture, 95% have already established permaculture gardens at their homes and have passed on the skills to their sibling.  Their homes can no-longer spend their limited money on buying vegetables, they instead sell some to get money for buying books, school uniform and paying school fees. Most of them are now concerned about environmental conservation. This is demonstrated by their love of planting trees and the use of organic farming.

Karambi also acted during the 2017 heavy drops of rain. Families that had persons with disabilities that lost their shelter and crops were helped with foodstuffs, mattresses, and iron sheets.

Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment also gave us support that enabled us to train 25 women with disabilities in agribusiness and permaculture skills, making our direct beneficiaries totaling to 100.

The trained people have improved their livelihoods since most of them missed formal education, the skills we have given them have helped them to have adequate nutritious food which has enabled them to feed well, they are able to sell surplus of the food their produce to generate income, the income that is helping them buy what they don’t have at home including education for their children, clothes, soap for washing and health care. They have been more concerned about environmental conservation and they have practiced and encouraged their neighborhood to always plant trees.