We advocate and promote inclusive education in Schools – Nursery, Primary, Secondary School education, and in Vocational Training institutions within our reach. We also provide separate literacy classes for the illiterate mature persons with disabilities that never receive formal education. This program align with the Sustainable Develop Goal number 4 – quality education for all.

BECAUSE everyone has the right to education, a right to learn, a right to a future where they can make the best and live a dignified life and enjoy their freedom. Education and learning is critical pillar that no matter what you want to do with your life, you will need some form of education.

By partnering with schools and vocational training institutions to ensure that an enabling learning environment is created. We influence the management to understand what it means by inclusive education and special needs care for children with disabilities.

Where a lot of support is needed we seek funding to help break down the barriers that hinder the realization of inclusive education and learning in the Schools operate in. We work one on one with the families where children with disabilities come from. We train the families on children’s rights, child protection, nutrition and special needs care.

We also deploy social workers in schools to help children with disabilities understand their rights and their responsibilities. The social workers and the teachers empowers children with disabilities with life skills, empowering them to be the change and involving them in games and sports. Children without disabilities are also sensitized on how to help children with disabilities.

We do school visits. We collect data on children and youth with disabilities and we track them up to their homes through our home based visits.

And our separate literacy classes are run by primary teachers that are friends to KaGPWD.