People with Disabilities in Uganda have always struggled to integrate into societies that tend to exclude the disabled or demand conformity. As the number of People with Disabilities surpasses two million people country wide, the struggle cannot be ignored. Uganda faces a considerable challenge in integrating the disability community. The disability concerns include;

  • High rates of ignorance among PWDs: In Uganda, 85% of the PWDs are illiterate.
  • Poverty: In Uganda, 80% of PWD live in long-term poverty.
  • Unemployment: In Uganda, 87% of the PWDs are unemployed.
  • Poor Health which is attributed to ignorance, poor feeding, food shortages in households, abuse of human rights, unfavorable environment and limited access to clean water
  • Inaccessibility, discrimination, isolation and exclusion that fuel the above problems – children, women and men with disabilities face to access – Schools, Hospitals, Churches, community offices, Banks, recreation centers. The means of transport and communication is never inclusive for all.


KaGPWD empowers persons with disabilities, their families and communities in Kasese district to fight for fairness and drive inclusive sustainable community development. Using a holistic community development approach we promote inclusive education, healthcare and ensure access to rehabilitation, clean water and sanitation, and training in vocational skills, entrepreneurship, and permaculture and food forestry.


People with disabilities do not get some chances as other people they can find it hard to; get an education and learn new skills, have good healthcare, get a job and earn money, be treated with respect, access the technology they need and taking part in their community development.

Then the community makes them disabled. We are here with you to enable them.