About Us

Our History

Karambi Group of People with Disabilities was founded in 1995 by a group of people with disabilities in response to the discrimination, isolation, and exclusion faced by people with disabilities (PWDs) within the society.

People with Disabilities all over the world have been marginalized and regarded as people who cannot perform, they are discriminated against and they are vulnerable in many cases. They have not been involved in planning and decision making.

KAGPWD was formed to support and create a platform for the people with Disabilities to have their voices heard and uplifts their welfare and standards of living, involving them in gainful activities and influence policy makers and policies that raise voices of the people with Disabilities.

Our Mission

Karambi Group of People with Disabilities advocates and promotes basic human rights for persons with disabilities through social economic inclusion, rehabilitation, engaging PWDs to conserve their environment and working together with the citizens, the development actors and human right defenders at all levels to ensure that PWDs achieve their full potential.

Our Vision

A community where persons with disabilities can enjoy their freedom.

Core Values

  • Respect for humanity.
  • Transparency and accountable.
  • Charity and volunteerism.
  • Engaging people with disabilities for inclusion in social economic development.
  • Disability is not inability

Core Operational Areas

This is a holistic approach whereby our organization teaches people living with impairment on HIV prevention, counselling HIV positive people with disabilities, reproductive health, education, rehabilitation and inclusion of PWDs in social economic development.

We empower people with disabilities in income generating activities through skill development in areas of tailoring, candle making, computer literacy, animal husbandry, agronomics, marketing, savings and access to micro loan and changing the mind set of people with disabilities such that they can also play they role towards reducing their vulnerability in the society. Here we believe that disability is not inability.

The PWDs are mobilized to plant environmental friendly trees both in their homesteads and at our organization land. The women with disabilities make shopping bags aiming at eliminating the use plastic papers bags that pollute the environment. This intervention is both acting as an income generating activity as well as indirectly conserving the environment. Under program, in early 2016 permaculture was introduced.