Empowering People with Disabilities in Kasese, Uganda to be the CHANGE

A community where Persons with Disabilities can enjoy their freedom.

A Holistic Approach to Human Right

They can get a job and earn money, they can acquire skills and use it to create their own jobs, they can marry and have a family, feed it and educate their children, they can own properties like land, buildings, cars and businesses, they can lead their communities and access each place, they can participate in planning, budgeting and in decision making at all levels, they can go for worship, they can access market places, they can access finance facilities, they can produce their own foods and lastly they are not stay on streets

Our Mission

Karambi Group of People with Disabilities’ mission is to empower people with disabilities, their families and communities to improve the quality of life.

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Empowering People with Disabilities in Kasese

People with Disabilities in Uganda have always struggled to integrate into societies that tend to exclude the disabled or demand conformity. As the number of People with Disabilities surpasses two million people country wide, the struggle cannot be ignored. Uganda faces a considerable challenge in integrating the disability community. The national disability concerns include; Ignorance, Inaccessibility to services, Poverty, Poor Health & Unemployment.

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